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NGIN UPDATE: Autumn Brings Cool New Features to SPORT NGIN

10/14/2011, 1:02pm CDT
By TST Media

Redesigned Football Game Page

The football game page has been redesigned with a fresh new look that makes it easier to keep track of game details and statistics in real-time! A new team stat comparison—in the summary and stat tabs—view gives you a powerful new way to compare the competing teams, at a glance. Football league sites will enjoy a new field of play view that allows you to follow the play-by-play action and historical drive chart within the context of a 3-D football field.

Football is the sport offered as part of the new SPORT NGIN LIVE framework. Other sports, including hockey, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball and more will following within the coming months. Follow SPORT NGIN on Twitter and Facebook as we continue to push the envelope in the real-time scoring space.

Rich HTML Messages

Professional communication is key when you're dealing with the network of people that surrounds your organization. With our new message building tool you can design and send custom messages to your members, players and coaches using the same easy Page Element based interface used to design pages on the NGIN platform. Easily add images, documents and rich formatting options to all your messages. On top of that, each message is branded with your header and overall look and feel, for maximum impact.

Streaming Video

Bring a whole new level of engagement to your site with our streaming video page element. Put your audience in the middle of the action by embedding live video right on your site for a truly engaging experience. You can setup streaming with our exclusive partner, GrandStadium.tv, or embed live streams from many other web services.

Learn more about GrandStadium.tv streaming video.

Coaches on Rosters

You asked for it, and now you've got it. Coaches can now be added to team rosters, just like players. Now you can support multiple coaches, each with their own profile, permissions, custom title and even jersey number. Easily send messages to individual coaches or groups of coaches, to make communication and organization that much easier. Just one more feature that allows you to manage your team as effectively as possible.

All current football NGIN websites have been updated to include the new game show page listed above, while football league sites now include the new field of play view. All current NGIN websites have been updated to include rich messages, coaches on rosters and streaming video. As always, our support team is available for assistance.

3D field of play, showing the play-by-play tab

How a formatted message looks when it's received

Streaming video embedded in a live hockey game page