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NGIN UPDATE - Member Management and User Account Enhancements

11/04/2011, 10:00am CDT
By TST Media

The NGIN platform has become the epicenter of communication and member management for thousands of sport organizations around the world. Today we’re proud to announce a massive upgrade to the Member Management and User Account portions of the platform.

Admin Control Panel - Member Management

Member Directory

The Member Directory tool, located in the Admin Control Panel, has been completely rebuilt from the ground up inspired by the success of the advanced reporting functionality previously released as part of the Online Registration tool

Now, as a website administrator, you can easily create advanced reports using multiple filters to find specific results that meet your exact criteria. Results auto-update as new users become members of your site.

We've also separated the Field (the information you see) and Filter (the rules that determine what information you see) interfaces to give users even more fine-grain reporting control.

Example: Easily create a report that displays the First Name, Last Name and Email Address of any Webmaster who's first name starts with "M" - now take action on that data by sending the targeted results a message, creating a group, assigning permissions, exporting the data to Excel or saving the results as a report that can be quickly accessed and modified in the future.

Another valuable enhancement to the Member Directory tool is a complete overhaul of the dashboard with a new feature called "Quick Report."

Utilize the new report filtering functionality to create a default Quick Report that is always displayed on your Member Directory dashboard. Create a custom data snapshot that is instantly available, always up to date... and, using inline Field and Filter settings, easily tweaked for quick access to specific member entries on the fly.

New Membership Privacy

Now each NGIN website can modify their membership privacy settings – new options include:

  • Open (default) – Any user can join the site
  • Approval Needed – A website administrator must approve membership
  • Private – Only users who have been invited by a website administrator may join 

Member Statuses

To aid you in organizing your membership, now you can update or run reports on the status of any member. New statuses include:

  • Active – normal member status
  • Approval Needed – Members awaiting admin approval
  • Blacklisted – User (or profile) has been flagged by a site admin. Blacklisted users have only public access and cannot complete registrations
  • Declined – User has declined membership (or has been removed from the site). Declined members may rejoin the site if the site’s privacy settings allow it.
  • Not Activated – users who have not activated their account


Enhanced User Area

Our team of designers and developers has completely reworked the user area from the ground up. You’ll find it’s a more intuitive, in-depth experience that allows easy access to all information NGIN users need.

New Dashboard

Most sections in the user area can be placed on the dashboard as filtered dashboard widgets. Content filters let users focus on the specific information needed most often. Users can then filter content by site, by profile or show everything, all at once.


Improvements to the messages section include: a preview area that shows an excerpt of the message body in the message list, the ability to send messages to other members in a public group, a sent messages folder and shift-click to select multiple messages.

My Sites

Quickly access any NGIN site you are a member of via the My Sites drop-down menu.


The registration section now shows a sortable and filterable list of all past registration entries, allowing the user easy access to any answers they’ve provided over time. This is especially helpful if the user has been involved in numerous registration sessions over the years.


The redesigned fundraising section will show you active sessions and most recent conversions, by default. Optionally, you can view all archived sessions and conversions.


Quickly view all active Dibs sessions and claimed items from the default overview. Users can optionally view all archived Dibs sessions. A new bar graph allows users to see, at a glance, their claimed and completed items.

My Access Page

The permissions page has been redesigned to make it easier to see what pages you have special access to, at a glance. You can also expand the entire site structure to view permissions for all pages on the site. A site drop-down menu allows for simple switching between other NGIN sites you are a member of.

Account Settings

A new contact preferences section allows users to easily set message preferences by site or expand sites with more than one member profile to adjust settings for individual profiles. We’ve also added a ‘unsubscribe from all’ function to allow users to easily stop all communications.


Additional Improvements

Single Sign On

If you're a member of multiple NGIN sites, you'll be happy hear we've upgraded our user system so once you log in you'll stay logged in when moving between sites. No more logging in to each individual site, now NGIN remembers.

Facebook Connect

Since many NGIN users also have Facebook accounts, we now offer the option of signing up for a new NGIN account with your Facebook login. This makes signing up quick and easy. Of course, if you don't have a Facebook account, you can still sign-up for an NGIN account by manually entering your information.


All NGIN websites have been updated to include the features listed above. As always, our support team is available for assistance.

New Member Directory Reporting Feature

New Account Login Page

New Dashboard

Registration Section