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11/14/2011, 12:36pm CST
By TST Media

Say goodbye to your paper and pencils, the future of tracking football stats is here. SPORT NGIN LIVE allows any football league on the NGIN platform to track and publish statistics in real-time.

Our easy-to-use scoring interface allows your to enter plays quickly as part of a streamlined process. Simply launch any modern desktop or mobile web browser, and you have all the tools you need.

After entering play actions, SPORT NGIN LIVE does the heavy lifting: automatically updating your SPORT NGIN website with real-time game box scores, player statistics and league leaders. Your fans will love the ability to keep up with the action on their computer or smartphone, when they can't be at the game.

We've poured thousands of hours of research and development into SPORT NGIN LIVE and we'll think you'll agree that it's a powerful tool that makes tracking stats and watching a game a completely new experience.