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Wallaceburg Lacrosse

07/12/2011, 12:27pm CDT
By TST Media

SPORT NGIN Welcomes Wallaceburg Lacrosse

In a country where ice hockey is king, Wallaceburg, Canada (a town named after Braveheart himself) has built a niche as a thriving lacrosse community in the Great White North. A member of the Ontario Minor Field Lacrosse League (OMFLL), Wallaceburg Lacrosse includes teams at several levels of play from “Peanuts” to intermediate competition.

And, on July 12th, Wallaceburg Lacrosse will be in the running for $25,000 toward facility improvements as part of the Kraft Celebration Tour (You can find a link to vote at the end of this article).  

Since the spring of 2011, Wallaceburg Lacrosse has partnered with TST Media to build a SPORT NGIN website that could completely integrate with the OMFLL. Along with providing a hub for all Wallaceburg Lacrosse news, resources and events, the organization enjoys three other features that have greatly improved its online presence:

In-depth player and team stats. With several teams and hundreds of players, Wallaceburg Lacrosse can organize and add content easily and often, as needed.

Cross-site mirroring.
Because the OMFLL is also on the SPORT NGIN platform, Wallaceburg Lacrosse publish information in a single location and “mirror” the content on its site and distribute across the platform.  

Widgets. Using this unique functionality, Wallaceburg Lacrosse can collect sports-specific scores, standings and results in a number of manageable formats.

Wallaceburg Lacrosse Team Stats

Wallaceburg Lacrosse Homepage

Wallaceburg Lacrosse Calendar

 Additionally, the website provides an online platform that provides background for officials and event organizers, including news, photos and even a lax forum.

Click here to visit the Wallaceburg Lacrosse website or visit our contact page for more information about the SPORT NGIN platform. And remember, help support the organization as they vie for a $25,000 prize in the Kraft Celebration Tour. Voting ends at midnight, so please hurry!

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