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Dallas Ice Jets

07/22/2011, 12:18pm CDT
By TST Media

A bigger organization means a bigger NGIN website

A year ago, the Dallas Ice Jets faced the difficult – yet envious – position of managing and supporting a rapidly expanding program. Already an NGIN client since 2008, website administrator Kim Dzumba approached TST Media to help address their literally “growing” dilemma.

While the Ice Jets were satisfied with their “Standard” platform, they were positioned to, not only upgrade their website to support the organizations growth, but to aesthetically enhance the Ice Jets’ online presence.

Most importantly, the Ice Jets needed a platform that could seamlessly integrate all three associations that comprise the Ice Jets – the Ice Jets Hockey Association, Ice Jets Academy and the Ice Jets Junior team. With an upgraded and updated new NGIN site, the organization was able to manage all three entities with ease and functionality. Additionally, content was able to be added consistently with enhanced navigability for existing Ice Jet members and prospects.

“We benefit from using the site because it reinforces our brand identity,” said Dzumba. “There are individual ‘communities’ within the website, whether it's for squirt players new to travel hockey or midget major AAAs and Juniors, but we all become one family under the icejets.com umbrella.”

While supporting the growing organization from a logistics standpoint, the Ice Jets also leverage several additional features on their information-rich website, including:  

• Social Media Integration

• Video Upload Capabilities

• Robust Team Page Functionality

Along with providing the online solution for the Ice Jets, the organization also utilizes the team behind NGIN. From design to client services, TST Media has been able to respond to any questions or request regarding the platform.

“NGIN is our solution because of responsiveness of management bailing us out when we accidentally delete something on a holiday weekend, designers who listen to our nit-picky suggestions and make the requested change,” Said Dzumba. “TST Media stays at the forefront of sports website management. We do not even begin to utilize all the available functions, but if there's ever anything we need as our organization grows, they are always quick to find a way for us to do it.”

Click here to visit the Dallas Ice Jet website or visit our contact page for more information about the SPORT NGIN platform.

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